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Dell PowerEdge(TM) R510 Rack Mount INTEL XEON 2.66GHz Server

IBM XSERIES 235 Dual Processor INTEL XEON 2.4GHz 512KB/1024MB PC2100 DDR SDRAM Server

Dell EqualLogic, PS4000XV SAS Storage Array

Cisco Catalyst 4000 Series Fast/Gigabit Ethernet switch

Cisco Catalyst 3524XL Switches (3)

Fore ATM Switches
     -Fore ASX-200WG/25-18/4 2.5Gbps
     -Forerunner 2.5Gbps ASX-200BX 2.5Gbps
     -Forerunner LE155

RADCOM Prismlite Network Protocol Analyzer
CrossBow Mote Kit (8)
     -MOTE-KIT 5141CB, 8 Radio/Processor Board, 3 Sensor Board, 2 Prototype/Data Acquisition Board, Interface board with tinyOS.

StarGate Advance Development Kit (7)
     -SP-KIT420 400MHz, Intel PXA255 Processor

MICAz MOTE Kit (2)
     -MOTE-KIT 2400CB

Telos Processor/Radio Board - TPR2420CA (12)
     -IEEE 802.15.4 TelosB Mote with temp, humidity and light sensors

75 sets uCsimm Motorola Dragonball embedded development kits

Another 50 units of PCs ranging from PIV to Intel Core i7