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Introduction to our Laboratory

An ever increasing demand for computing power by modern day applications is now being addressed in recent times with the confluence of networked computers and underlying secured communications infrastructure. Also, the explosion of activities and applications on the Internet coupled with the convergence of the computer and communications industries have made computer communication networks (CCN) an exciting and important area for research and development.

Modern day applications demand enormous computing power and this has been made feasible via what is referred to as Networked-computing” paradigm which encompasses paradigms like, Distributed Computing, Cluster/Grid Computing, and, Cloud Computing, in the recent times. In addition, wireless packet data services and local area networks (WLANs) are becoming common and enable new services and content to be conveniently delivered to anyone with an appropriate device.

The activities in this Communications & Networks laboratory cover two broad categories: (1) theoretical or analytical aspects of network and computing algorithms and protocols, and (2) implementation aspects of network protocols and procedures, in systems and test-beds ranging from a single node to wide-area networks with many nodes, to achieve desired functionalities such as Quality of Service (QoS) and Security.

The Laboratory is equipped with numerous workstations, FORE ASX-200BX, ASX-200WG and LE155 ATM switches, IBM MPLS switch router, Cisco Catalyst 4000, IBM XSeries 235 Server and 3Com routers, Fast Ethernet switches, Sniffer, RADCOM network protocol analyser, Crossbow Motes, Stargate Advance Development kits, MicaZ Motes, TelosB Processor/Radio Boards, IMote2 motes, MIB Crickets and uCSimm Embedded Development Kits. The CNDS Laboratory is connected using dark fibre to the centre for Internet Research at the School of Computing NUS, as well as the SingAREN broadband R&D network and other high-speed research networks outside Singapore such as Internet2, CA-Net III and APAN.

The Lab actively hosts several externally funded research projects from A*STAR, Singapore & National Science and Technology Board (NSTB Singapore).